The mission of the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School Advisory Board is to assist and consult with the Pastor and the Principal in acting to further the greater good of the entire school community by:

  • Enhancing the Catholic identity of the school family through the formulation and revision of policies, plans, and goals
  • Fostering leadership through strategic planning
  • Providing public relations, service, and marketing opportunities to attain greater connection with the community and financial support of all the school’s programs.
  • The Board is established by the Pastor in accord with Archdiocesan policy to assist him and the Principal in the governance of the Parish School.

The areas in which the Board has responsibility and will be consulted are:  Strategic Planning, Policy Formulation, Finance, Development, Program Evaluation


The current School Advisory Board memebers are:

Msgr. Kenneth Schwanger - Pastor

Mr. Thomas E. Halfaker - Principal

Mrs. Laura G. Sanchez - Assistant Principal

Deacon Michael Plummer - DRE

Emily Menendez - Chairperson -Teacher/Parent

Fanny Garcia-Dubus - Parish Administrative Assistant

Kat Jubuisson - Parent

Maria F. Rincon - Parent

Ignacio Chinchilla - Parent

Carlos Gato - Parishioner/IT specialist

Eva Rodriguez - Parent

Alison Ewen - Teacher

Ana C. Leon - Parent

Monica Villalba - Parent/PSA President

Patty Lara - Teacher/Parent

Domingo Callejas - Parent

Carlos Rodriguez - Parent

Claudia Quintana - Teacher/Parent

Bertha Barbeiete - Teacher

Christina Fernandez - Parishioner/Director of Youth Ministry

Jaclyn Lewis - Parent