Is Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School accredited?

The school is fully accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation and the Florida Catholic Conference.

What is the application fee?

The application fee is $50.00 per child. This fee includes the entrance exam and is nonrefundable.

Is there an entrance exam?

Students entering grades 1-8 are required to take an entrance exam. Entrance exams will be scheduled after the application for admission is received.

What academic subjects are on the entrance exam?

The entrance exam tests reading comprehension, language arts skills and mathematics.

When will acceptance letters be mailed out?

Acceptance letters are mailed out after entrance exam has been administrated and acceptance to the school has been confirmed.

Is there a waiting list?

Any student, who meets all acceptance criteria and cannot be accepted because space is not available, will be placed on a waiting list. A new waiting list is started each school year. Students, who are not accepted, must reapply for the following school year.

Does the school accept any scholarships?

At the present time, the Step Up for Students Scholarship is the only scholarship that is accepted.

Do the children take a nap?

Students in grades PK3 and PK4 have a daily 45 - 60 minute rest period.

Do the students attend mass?

All students attend Mass on a weekly basis and on Holy Days of Obligation.

What if my child does not have the sacrament of First Communion?

If your child is entering the second grade and is not up to date with his/her sacraments, he/she may be required to attend Christian Formation classes (CCD). Students in grades 3 – 8, who have not received the sacraments, may be required to attend Christian Formation classes.